2014 Clone 777 Pinot Noir

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2014 Clone 777 Pinot Noir

Small berries on small clusters create dark color, bold aromatics and full a full rich body. These are the characteristics that define the 777 Clone of pinot noir and the wine made from it.

Don’t discount the influence of site. It is afer all the most imports factor in growing grapes, and pinot noir is particularly susceptible to its influence. Our 777 Clone blends two vineyards to create a wine that is well rounded and balanced. In the Bucher Vineyard the 777 clone ripens to show the strength and vitality of the Middle Reach, a warmer neighborhood where the fog burns off by late morning. In the Sebastopol Hills, the Hervey Vineyard’s 777 clone shows more elegance as it ripens along the cool Atascadero creek, allowing for vibrant flavor development and higher acidity.


Vintage 2014
Varietal Pinot Noir
Alcohol % 12.7

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