Orsi Vineyard

The Orsi Vineyard is located on Eastside Road on bench land between the Russian River and a range of hills to the east. The hills box in the fog that forms along the river, allowing it to cool the low-lying vineyards in the area. First planted in the early 1970s, the Orsi Vineyard Chardonnay is comprised of approximately 75% “See” selection that’s entirely dry-farmed. Modern pruning and trellising practices combined with traditional no-irrigation farming produce very low yields of superb quality fruit. The vineyard’s maturity, coupled with a deep, well-developed root system, yields wines of substance and power. The soils are a combination of the Glen Ellen Formation, river gravels and older alluvium, and the Wilson Grove Formation, sand and fossil shells formed in a shallow sea, which overlies older volcanic material. Both soil types are well drained and provide a complex foundation of minerality from the rock and fossil components.

The See selection is a shy-bearing clone. Its clusters are small and the berries tiny, requiring the gentlest possible handling. The fog and cool temperatures of the area retain acidity in the grapes, allowing for the production of intense and well-structured wines. The Orsi Chardonnay displays signature characteristics of the See clone including intense aromas of fresh Gravenstein apple and a crisp finish with bright acidity and a trace of minerality.