Block 15

With its aromatics and bold taste profile, Block 15 is a symbol of the rich history of the Russian River Valley. Classic Russian River Valley characteristics of raspberry, strawberry and cola combine with a smooth velvety mouth feel.

A blend of vineyards, Block 15 shows the diversity of the Dijon Clone 777. In the Bucher Vineyard the 777 clone ripens to show the strength and vitality of the Middle Reach, a warmer neighborhood where the fog burns off by late morning. In the Green Valley, 777 shows more elegance as it ripens on a hill in the Tina Marie Vineyard, the cool days allowing for deeper flavor development.

Soils are a combination of red clay, and rock in the Bucher Vineyard and Wilson Grove, a sandstone of lava and volcanic ash. Both soil types drain well and provide a wonderful growing platform. By stretching over multiple soils and climates, Block 15 is a classic example of Russian River Valley Pinot Noir planting.