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October 21, 2016 | chris donatiello

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Thank you Melissa Vogt of the Wine Advocate for the great reviews of our 2013 Windhorse Vineyard Pinot Noir and the 2012 Peter's Vineyard Chardonnay. We are proud to share these fantastic wines with you and hope that you enjoy them as much as we do. Cheers!

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2013 Windhorse Vineyard Pinot Noir

C. Donatiello’s 2013 Wind Horse Vineyard Pinot Noir is unique in that the vines are 43 years old, which for Russian River Valley vines is pretty impressive. Winemaker Chris Donatiello confirmed that the site has the same Goldridge soil series as the others in this neighborhood; the vineyard site also has some elevation at around 410 feet above sea level with a southeastern exposure.

This unique wine has the most interesting aromatics I have ever smelled in a Pinot Noir. Intriguing aromas of smoked cedar plank, barbecue sauce, and sweet and sour/savory nuances with mustard make for a very unique aromatic profile. There is so much savoriness here, evolving into a more forested aroma with air, but still always possessing that meaty, savory core. Similar to the Pellgrini in structure, this bottling is silky and mouth-filling while still possessing that delicacy. There is also an excellent acid structure that acts as a solid backbone to the red cherry and orange zest flavors. Blueberry notes pop up with time in the glass, and a gentle touch in the cellar leaves this wine unfolding with notions of terroir.


2012 Peter's Vineyard Chardonnay

“Peter’s is a great vineyard,” Winemaker Chris Donatiello states. The vineyard site was first planted in 1989 with Chardonnay and it’s that very block from which Donatiello buys his fruit. “My specific selection has an eastern exposure with about an 18% slope. It is roughly 290 feet in elevation,” Donatiello says. The nose of the C. Donatiello 2012 Peter’s Vineyard Chardonnay shows seductive baking spices and fresh squeezed lemon over ice. The wine is round on the palate and filled with baking spices—cinnamon, nutmeg and clove over a layer of butter on the finish. Fresh squeezed lemon transforms into fuller notes of lemon meringue as it warms in the glass and gains richness. The sun exposure on the slope certainly seems to provide for some fruit ripeness, but there is still restraint and freshness, too. Pineapple evolves as it airs out and sweet barrel spice wraps around a touch of minerals on the finish.

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